Frequently Asked Questions.

You'll find below the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Q: What is it? / How does it work?

  • A: What you are getting is access to our website where you'll find the system software and instructions.
  • The basics of the process is that you will follow a tipster and bet on his selections. You will set the stakes you are happy to play with in the system and tell the system the odds of the first horse the tipster has selected. The system then tells you the amount to bet on that horse.
  • If the horse wins great...... If it loses you tell the system that it lost and the odds of the tipsters next selection and the system again tells you what to bet.
  • When one of his selections wins you will have won all previously bet money back and a profit.
  • There is a points system working in the background that means the more horses that lose before the winner, the more profit you make.

Q: If it's so good why don't you use it?

  • A: I do!! I've used the system for years now and made a lot of money from using it.

Q: What if the tipster has a losing streak?

  • A: Tipsters wouldn't be tipsters if they didn't pick out regular winners. The 20%-30% success rate of a tipster is enough to make this profitable for you.
  • You set the stakes you want to play with so you can play with a budget that you can afford.
  • I recommend playing for a few days without placing the bets so you can see what would have happened and adjust the system to a stake you can afford.
  • You can build your bank up and increase the stakes later so you can win more each day.

Q: How Do I Cancel My Monthly Subscription

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